DIESEL GOST R 52368-2005 & GOST 32511-2013 (DT & EN 590)

Fuel Oil  MAZUT M-100 GOST-10585-2013(M-100)




Products are offered based on NET/GROSS pricing, CIF Russia (or delivered to any China-trading-partner Port, with some adjustment for shipping costs). Contracts can range from 12 to 60 months in duration, and other products may be made available upon request. 

Russia's exports of oil & Petroleum products commodities (Quick view)


GOST and GOST R standards are the national standards of the Russian Federation and CIS countries

In Russia used several types of technical standards: national standards (GOST R), interstate standards (GOST)

and other standards (OST, TU, etc.). 

The national and interstate standards have designations GOST R (or GOST) plus a numeric designator, consisting of a serial number and a year the standard becomes effective. GOST is an acronym for "gosudarstvennyy standart", which means "state standard". 

At present, the collection of GOST standards includes over 20,000 titles used extensively in conformity assessment activities in 12 countries. 

 Russian standards and technical regulations for oil and gas industry


PDVSA(Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A.)

FOB Bullen Bay is still valid only for nonAsian buyers. Buyers from South America and the

Caribbean Islands can lift from Bullen Bay Terminal.

Venezuela crude and D2 is available in Russia for immediate supply.

Some products like Petcoke, Residual oil, Naphtha can only be supplied on request after a contract is signed.

Currently, Venezuela's state-owned oil company(PDVSA) is subject to U.S sanctions(VENEZUELA-EO13850).

Buyers must recognize and keep this in mind. You can have a deep conversation with us about the content.


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Contracts are always between The  Seller or Reseller and the Buyer. 

This Seller offers a Performance Bond as well as additional security for the capital deployed into a transaction. This provides Buyers a level of confidence in transactions not available from any other seller.

We Directly represent a number of Sellers to whom we can present your fuel requests. We will be pleased to discuss scenarios with Buyers personally, and recommend the Seller we feel best suits their business requirements. Please call to discuss these or other offers we can provide.