Long-Term Contract & Spot Contract


The following is a brief overview of products available from our Refineries and Title Holders.

We are prepared to discuss any of them at greater length, and to respond to

questions or clarifications you may require.

Each Seller sets up a transaction based upon Their Procedures,

and Buyers must be prepared to work within those Procedures

if they expect a successful transaction.

We will provide any Buyer complete information regarding what is offered,

after a conversation with them personally to more fully understand their objectives.




 2020 Sales Offer Registration Status


 - EN590  (Receptionist, consultation, @-mail)

 - M100   (Receptionist, consultation, @-mail)

 - LNG    (Sales quota for Second half, 2019-2020)





(A) Security & Documentation verification

:: Verification of the authenticity and validity of the document.

    (protection of the seller / buyer from changes in the document at the time of publication and delivery)


:: Compare and change documents. Prevent forgery.

    (save all files as image files )


:: Documents are protected against unauthorized access.

    (unique identification numbers)


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 (B) Expression and Methodology

:: This web page will not be exposed on the official webpage. 

:: Links to e-mailed text or links to unique numbers.

    (The last digit of the web page address of the page is the same as the individual number

:: Update to global platform (Google Drive) for crosscheck. 


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  * Some validated images are represented by red additional descriptions and symbols, numbers, etc.




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