Issued:  2020


LNG (LiqueFeid Natural Gas)







The following ① ~  contents must be fully understood and approved by the buyer.



 SCO is the basic sales condition with the same contents as the issue contents.

 PRODUCT : LNG (Export Grade) from BONTANG, or anywhere specified in the contract.


 QUANTITY : 100,000MTper/M ~ 500,000MTper/Month

 PERIOD: Preferably over 5 (Five) years contract to be decided in the final agreement.

 PRICE : CIF Base BONTANG LNG Port, through Close Tender Process (their higher price). Gross discount 10%/

             Net discount 3% based on Japan Cocktail Crude (JCC) Price

 MODE : CIF (To be decided thru TTM)

 DELIVERY : To be determined as Buyer’s condition

 LOADING PORT : To be decided by the Buyer



 PAYMENT : Irrevocable DLC for 1st shipment and IRDLC from 2nd shipment

 INSPECTION : SGS at loading port at Seller’s expense and SGS at unloading port at buyer’s expense.



This is a document that must be prepared and delivered by the buyer for TTM.

 ⓐProof of financial capability to purchase product

 ⓑTank storage facility information

 ⓒ Plan of Decision information (Sales plan, Port facilities plan -existing and new)

 ⓓCompany Profile



It is impossible to proceed without the buyer's agreement on the above contents.

Procedures are common, without any special features.

However, since the supplier is a state-owned enterprise, pre-verification of the buyer is very difficult.